collaboratorthe map factory

A normal BZflag world is created by one designer. In the Collaborator Project, it takes 4.

The procedure: every project will start with a template map, which already has some basic infrastructure in place along the centre lines. Participating mappers will receive a copy of this, and each will be assigned a different quarter of the template to build upon.
Finished works are send back to me, afterwhich all 4 quarters are merged into one BZflag world file.

The result: original maps, and hopefully, a whole lot of fun to play! (9 KB) Collaborator One in ZIP format

collaborator1.tar.gz (9 KB) Collaborator One in TAR.GZ format

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Collaborator One now rotating

Authors: Dutchrai, ducatiewanabe, The Purple Panzer, sid6.7 | Start: 2004-11-24 | End: 2004-12-21 | Type: FFA

An immensely detailed world with no less than 1198 objects. Hope your machine can run this monster!

Click for full size image

Collaborator Two

Authors: TBA | Start: 2005-02-01 | End: TBA | Type: FFA

Mappers who are interested in taking part in this project can drop me a line. Don't forget to attach a sample of your work.

This project will commence on the 1st of February 2005.

Comming Soon