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Key Data
Tank Forward Speed 25 Units per second
Tank Reverse Speed 12.5 Units per second
Tank 360-Turn 8 Seconds


Key Data
Jump Time 4 Seconds
Jump Height 19 Units (but nearly impossible to get on a building of this height)
Jump Distance 100 Units


Key Data
Weapon Range 350.0 world units (stationary tank)
437.5 world units (full forward)
311.1 world units (full reverse)
Weapon Fire Rate 3.5 Seconds
Weapon Speed 100 Units per second (stationary tank)
125 Units per second (full forward)
87.5 Units per second (full reverse)
Weapon Life 3.5 Seconds
Weapon Radius 0.5 Units


Key Data
View Angle 60 Degrees
View Angle Binoculars 15 Degrees


Key Data
Tank Height 2.05 Units
Tank Width 2.80 Units
Tank Length 6.00 Units
Muzzle Height 1.57 Units


Key Data
Standard World Size 800x800 Units, no height limit
Explosion Duration 5 Seconds
Gridline Distance 60 Units
Modifying Flags

Quick Turn (A)

Key Data
Tank 360-Turn 225%

Burrow (BU)

Key Data
Tank Speed 80%
Tank 360-Turn 55%
Tank Depth 1.32 Units
Muzzle Height 0.25 Units

Guided Missile (GM)

Key Data
Weapon Range 95%
Weapon Life 95%
Weapon Lockon 15 Degrees

Rapid Fire (F)

Key Data
Weapon Range 75%
Weapon Fire Rate 200%
Weapon Speed 150%
Weapon Life 50%

Identify (ID)

Key Data
Weapon Range 50 Units

Laser (L)

Key Data
Weapon Range With ricochet turned on the laser has infinite range until it hits a tank or until it leaves the world (by bouncing of a pyramid or by going past and above the map's edge).
With ricochet turned off the laser will stop when it hits something or when it leaves the world.
Weapon Fire Rate 50%
Weapon Speed Infinite
Weapon Life 10%

Machine Gun (MG)

Key Data
Weapon Range 15%
Weapon Fire Rate 1000%
Weapon Speed 150%
Weapon Life 10%

Narrow (N)

Key Data
Tank Width 0%

Obesity (O)

Key Data
Tank Width 250%
Tank Length 250%

Shock Wave (SW)

Key Data
Weapon Range 20% (Spherical)
Weapon Life 20%

Tiny (T)

Key Data
Tank Size 40%

Thief (TH)

Key Data
Tank Speed 167%
Weapon Range 40%
Weapon Fire Rate 1200%
Weapon Speed 800%
Weapon Life 5%
Tank Size 50%

High Speed (V)

Key Data
Tank Speed 150%

Wide Angle (WA)

Key Data
View Angle 120 Degrees