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Official BZflag Sites

Website Description The official BZflag website Download BZflag BZflag Wiki The official BZflag forum The BZflag project at

Fan Sites

Website Description Mr. ApathyCream (.)BIYA(.) ducatiwannabe Gerbil HepCat Phagozytose (German) The Purple Panzer Shell Shock sid6.7 Sir Lance-a-Lot Sleepycows Willem Pennickx (Dutch)

Clans and Leagues

Website Description CTF League Fortix CTF League Hell On Wheels HTF League Phagozytose (German) TLZ (The Legendary Zeebrothers)

Running a BZFS Server

Website Description Creating a Server Keys and Commands Server Commands

World Editors

Website Description BZE (X) BZEdit (Windows) BZMapper by trepan (for Windows, Linux and MacOSX)

IRC Channels

Note: IRC chat software needs to be installed on your computer for these links to work

Website Description type /JOIN #bzflag when connected


Website Description BZFlag hardware