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For seasoned tankers only. Do not attempt these moves at home!

The Moves

Missile Delayed Lock-On


A Guided Missile (GM) flag is required plus a tank hiding from you behind some structure.

Want to deliver some bad news?

Ok, it's true. A GM is normally fired after locking onto your opponent, and such a GM will never be able to hit any hiding tank.

Now try this:

  1. Do not lock on at first but fire unguided missiles aimed slightly to the side or above the building where a tank is hiding.
  2. After firing, aim your tank at your victim.
  3. Lock on just before the missiles are about to pass the building.
  4. The missiles will now swirl neatly towards your nemesis, and stand a fair chance of making a kill.
  • It does take a little practice to get your aiming and timing right, so...practice.
  • If a target is too close to a building you cannot always hit him; but you may try calling some bluf by shooting a couple of unguided missiles at other tanks (but quickly turn back when your target moves).

GM Escaper


This maneuver is based on the principle that a guided missile's turning rate is not good enough to keep up with you if you are moving full speed in an exact circle around the GM tank. To perform the GM Escaper you will have to use your radar and ears well.

  1. The instant you hear the dreaded lock-on alarm you check the radar, locate the GM launching tank and move away from the inbound missiles.
  2. Do this by driving full speed in an imaginary circle around the GM tank.
  3. Once the missiles have passed you, turn away from the GM tank until the next launch occurs.
  4. Repeat this missile dance until you're out of range or if the GM tank shows no more interest in formidable foes like yourself.
  • Usually the GM tank will seize fire and find an easier target once he realizes that it is in fact you who is guiding his missiles.
  • Don't forget to notice the rest of the world around.

GM Zoomer


Very similar to the GM Escaper since it's based on the same limitions of the GM. In this case however you will not be escaping the GM, but you'll actually try to close in and destroy it.

Surprisingly, the GM Zoomer is a quite simple maneuver once you master it and once you have gained the confidence that you can beat the GM without the aid of the Stealth (ST) flag. In fact, all you need to do is:

  1. Drive in a spiral towards the GM denying him any locked missile hit.
  2. If he is not on a building (you're both on the same level) he'll panick once you get close and probably fire all his missiles; when this happens point your barrel at him and finish him off.
  3. If he is on a building, you should use your radar on the highest zoom level; use it to aim, jump, and kill at an unexpected moment.
  4. After killing him remember that his flag might fall back into the world; consider grabbing it!
  • A decent GM user will know that he can't shoot you with guided missiles so he'll try to get you with unguided ones. Tricky.

Corner Jump


Now we're jumping. A 180 Degree Spin Jump with a twist, to be exact.

Ever found yourself in a stalemate approaching the corner of a building, where there's another tank waiting for you? Sure you have.

What the other tank expects of you when you come around the corner is that you'll be on the ground.

What you should do is disappoint him a bit by making a 180 degree spin jump, 2.5 to 3 seconds before you reach the corner. This gives your opponent about 1 second of in-flight hot action footage of you, after which you may start shooting. The End.

  • This move absolutely relies on surprise, so make sure you get your timing right; always jump 2.5 to 3 seconds before you reach the corner.
  • Never perform this move against Shock Wave (SW) tanks.
  • Most likely will not work against good players.

Strafe Jump


This maneuver is very difficult to execute properly, even for seasoned veterans. It is typically used when you want to frag someone on top of a building while at the same time making it hard for him to get you.

It's execution starts with you driving in a line parallel to the building with a target on top of it. At the right time, and only a lot of practice can teach you this, you perform a 180 Degree (or less) Spin Jump. If executed perfectly your tank will keep moving past the building and while turning, your barrel will almost continuously point at your victim. You'll probably be able to fire several shots from different angles during your jump.

  • Stay close to the building so your opponent cannot see his impending doom.

Mirrored Strafe Jump


Mastered the Strafe Jump did you? Then this one is not at all that difficult. Simply execute the same jump again and again along the same or different side of the building until your target is destroyed.

  • The direction of your jump has now become vital. Some serious pratice on this one is adviced!

Tank Nudger


This trick takes quite a bit of skill and some luck to execute successfully, but when you score it feels so good! There are however a couple of requirements and limitations:

  • Medium distance between the tanks is assumed
  • 2 or more loaded shots in your tank are required
  • Your foe is either attacking you or fleeing from you

Normally you would try to kill an opponent by firing bullets straight at his face, but...this method has a drawback at medium distance. In such a case, your opponent could easily steer clear of your bullets (Facing "S" Assault) plus you have no way of predicting if this will be left or right. By the time he turned back to you he has recharged fully while your tank is probably empty or nearly empty. You have just created a bad situation.

You can save yourself a lot of trouble by giving your opponent a slight 'nudge'. Do this by firing only one bullet slightly to the right or left of him, just enough to persuade him to evade it. Assuming he doesn't do anything stupid like jump or run into that single bullet of yours, he will evade in the direction you encouraged him too. Of course you would have expected this so you already pointed your barrel along his projected path and fired most of your remaining bullets at him.

  • It is by far the most effective against an opponent that is either recharging or has a short range weapon.
  • Got 5 or more shots on a server? Spraying those bullets left and right might be better.
  • Keep in mind that this move is unlikely to work against a fully loaded opponent.
  • It's a medium range only move; long range gives way too much time to evade and correct, while short range is just your usual close combat battle involving tons of luck.
  • An expert player would evade like you predicted, but will also use his radar to keep track of all your other bullets and will evade those too.
  • Especially works when you chase a tank from behind.

Dutch Bluff


Picture yourself in a really bad situation. Let's say, you're surrounded by 2 or 3 enemies. Sure die you think, maybe take one with you?

Nah...lets add 2 or 3 points to your score! Here's the deal: you need rico and 3 or 4 bullets, and the enemies should not be too far from you. You'll also be needing sniper skills.

Lets start then. As fast as you can, fire one bullet straight at the nearest opponent. Scare him! He should jump, thinking you'll fire more bullets. Well, you don't. Instead, use a wall to rico all of your remaining bullets at the other foe(s). Aim well and you'll catch them by surprise because they are thinking you're attacking the first foe. Now, turn back to that first one. By the time he lands you've reloaded your first bullet. Fire it. Your remaining bullets will now be reloaded too. Fire again if needed, aim at whichever foe survived your initial unslaught.

This is tricky, I know. But position your tank well and you can pull this off. Many a time I scored 2, 3 or 4 kills in a row several times in a game with this move.

  • Works especially well when you're between opponents of different colors. Harder against teammates.
  • Be prepared to jump upon a structure at any time, you might need it. Launching a secondary attack wave from a higher level is always in your advantage.
  • Keep your ball on the radar, almost ignoring the real window.
  • Find the GL flag (Good Luck). It'll help.